About Us

Tony Charalambides, the founder & owner behind The Greek Farmer was raised in East London by his Greek Cypriot father & Irish mother. Greek food and culture always has been a big part of his life and it was this that began The Greek Farmers journey in early 2020.

Frustrated by the quality and choice of takeaways in Hertfordshire, it was a mission of The Greek Farmer to bring incredibly tasty Greek food to the home counties. So in September 2021 The Greek Farmers Taverna was launched from our commercial kitchen at our smallholding in Langley, Hitchin.

the greek farmer

Greek Food

Greek food is known to be not only some of the healthiest in the world but also the tastiest! Simply good quality ingredients, fresh vegetables and charcoal cooking make our dishes delicious. We pay homage to all things Greek and go above and beyond to ensure wherever possible we use authentic and traditional ingredients and cooking techniques.

We cover an array of dishes from souvlaki, homemade sausages such as sheftalia, pastourma & loukanika, greek salad, pourgouri, Greek wraps to name a few.

Greek Food

Cured Meats

The Greek Farmers Taverna is part of The Greek Farmers growing business of cured meats. As a subsidiary we produce charcuterie from our farm in Langley, Hitchin. Including air dried pork loin (lountza), air dried ham (hiromeri), air dried beef (pastourma armenian) and house salami (loukanika).

We believe our range of cured meat snacks is unique. Using traditional methods of curing, wine bathing & oak smoke, together with authentic Greek spice mixes give our meat its characteristic taste. For more information visit us: